The Legal Rap

Yo, let’s talk about the law, that’s what I’m here to do
From employment in Romania to lodger agreements too
Starting with Romania employment laws, get your knowledge straight
When dealing with work and contracts, don’t underestimate

If you need help, get advice from the best
Legal and partners will put your mind to the test
From California templates to marriage settlements out West
Lodger agreements and settlements, they’re the best

Need a service contract, a letter to get it done?
Letter of agreement for services will make sure you’ve won
And if you’re wondering about beluga whales to eat
Is it legal to eat? That question’s now complete

What’s the deal with business and social responsibility?
Social responsibility in business ethics is the key
Understanding contracts, and formats to make it right
Contract formats will help you with all your might

It’s time to codify laws and make them plain to see
Codifying laws is the guide you’ll need
And if you’re in Texas, and marriage is your game
Common law marriage in Texas, changing names is out of the frame

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